Merrow by Ananda Braxton Smith

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Title: Merrow

Author: Ananda Braxton Smith

Merrow by Ananda Braxton Smith

Recommended to fans of: The little mermaid, Fins by Ashley L. Knight, Mermaid Park by Beth Mayall, Forgive my fins by Tera Lynn Childs, The siren by Kiera Cass, The mermaid’s mirror by L.K. Madigan

Series: Secrets of Carrick #1

Publisher: Black Dog books

Publication date: 2010

Format: Paperback

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Fiction, Paranormal – mermaids

Pages: 197

Rating:-/5 (If I had finished the book i would have given it 1)

[Synopsis] (Taken from goodreads)

The people of Carrick have been whispering behind Neen’s back for most of her life; ever since her father drowned and her mother disappeared.

The townspeople say her mother was a merrow who has returned to her real home in the ocean. Neen wonders if perhaps the villagers are right. But if her mother is a merrow then what does this make Neen?

This pitiless summer all the talk will end in trouble.

All Neen wants is the truth

(Review)(DISCLAIMER:This is my opinion only, may contain spoilers for the book, may contain coarse language)

  • I didn’t give a rating as I didn’t finish the book, it would not be fair to give a rating if I didn’t finish
  • The entire book is just focused on Neen trying to find out what happened to her parents despite all the weird rumoured stories that the town has came up with
  • The story was slow and quite difficult to get through
  • I could not get past 6 chapters before i decided that the book was really boring
  • The characters lacked depth and well, ‘character’
  • The story lacked other subplots to keep the story interesting

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