Reign fall (Demon princess #3) by Michelle Rowen

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Title: Reign fall (Demon princess #3)

Author: Michelle Rowen

reign fall

Recommended to fans of: Demonosity by Amanda Ashby

Series: Demon Princess

Publisher: Smashwords

Format: Paperback

Genre: Romance, YA, Paranormal (Demons), Urban Fantasy

Rating: 4/5

[Synopsis] (Taken from goodreads)

Prophesies, demon slayers, dragons, homework… It’s going to be a hell of a week!

It’s been a dangerous ride for Nikki Donovan since she first learned she’s a demon princess. And the ride isn’t over yet!

She’s just found out that her best friend is a demon slayer in training, one who doesn’t know that Nikki is exactly the prey she’s sworn to hunt. Nikki’s demon king father has signed her up for lessons in how to master her erratic half-demon powers, and that’s on top of her regular homework! Also, she’s torn between two boys – Rhys, the faery king she’s prophesied to marry, and Michael, a Shadow whom she’s forbidden to love.

To top it all off, a dark force is haunting Nikki, something mysterious and evil that wants the demon princess dead…but who – or what – is it?

(Thoughts) (DISCLAIMER:This is my opinion only, may contain spoilers for the book, may contain coarse language)

  • Okay, I think that Nikki likes Rhys too, but Rhys feels more as though he’s curious about her as a half demon but still he does like her?
  • The Faery rose gift was so cute
  • Nikki’s dream was also same as my guess, that the darkness that was after her was Michael, and he kept reassuring her that he wouldn’t hurt her as well
  • I was shocked when Nikki agreed to stalk Michael for her dad
  • Who was the mysterious boy that Nikki was talking to? 
  • I felt a bit weird since Michael was always just the love interest, and then suddenly he took on the role of Nikki’s mentor
  • To be honest, I felt and thought that Melinda being a demon slayer would play a WAY bigger part in this book, but this only happens nearing the end of the book
  • I think Desmond;The demon king and Nikki’s mother’s story is really sad as well
  • Why doesn’t Mrs Sander tell Chris about his heritage? Doesn’t she see how badly its affecting him?
  • Rhys and his “give me a kiss in exchange for the book about shadows” was nicely placed in
  • OMG, the moment that Melinda told Nikki that she was training to be a demon slayer
  • And Nikki suddenly changing into her demon form due to a spell was REALLY sudden
  • When Nikki found Michael without his amulet, was he practising how to control his magic? (Yes)
  • The scene where Michael found out about Rhys and Nikki’s deal was really intense
  • The scene where Chris transformed into a dragon when Melinda confronted Nikki about being a demon was cool and perfectly timed
  • Okay, the plot twist about the evil around Nikki was Clara being a ‘royal’ faery who wanted Rhys for herself and she was willing to kill Nikki so that she could get Rhys (Wow, talk about drama)
  • OMG, I actually did not expect Nikki to kiss Rhys and her mother heard EVERYTHING
  • Nikki was prophesied to destroy one world, the shadowlands. (But I think by destroying it, she could actually be saving all the shadows that are now slaves)
  • The cliffhanger ending had me stumped. Where was Michael and why was her dad holding his amulet?

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts and opinions? Leave a comment down below! 🙂


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