The Emoji Movie (2017) Review

Rating: 3.5/5

(DISCLAIMER: The opinion in this post is my own and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This post may contain spoilers for this movie)
Well, I know I’ve never mentioned that I would review movies, but maybe this could be a start.

A little more about me, I have a diploma in Digital Film and Television and do enjoy watching movies for fun.

What was the decision that made me want to post this? Was that I felt that this movie was bashed way too much in a way that was extremely unfair.

Firstly, there was a lot of negative reviews for this movie, claiming it was ripping off wreck-it-ralph and that it was a pointless movie. Even on IMDb and rotten tomatoes, The Emoji Movie was not spared the harsh criticism from the critics.

As a 21 year old, I did feel that the movie resonated as it also addressed the issues such as phone/ social media addiction of the current society, the issues of shyness of a crush, things that we all face or have experienced in this day and age. Yet, this movie was bashed harshly for its lack of imagination, predictable storyline and horrible romance.

Well, if you wanted a good romance, then you should have watched a romantic comedy movie. At this day and age, every possible story has already been done to death and regardless of whether it is a great story or not, the probability of it being predictable stands really high.

Since everyone else has been eager to point out how horrible the movie was, let me point out what was REALLY good about this movie.

1) The world building of this movie was pretty good.
They had a decent protagonist (someone who is different from the social norm) and that sets up the story really well at the start for the development of the movie. Each emoji works and must maintain the same expression throughout their entire lifetime. (Thinking more deeply into this, doesn’t this show how we are afraid to break out of our ‘same expression’ in fear that we would be ostracised by the world for breaking the status quo?

2) It addresses strong themes that the world is just sweeping off its shoulders.
Of course we have all heard a million times that our current society is addicted to our phones and social media, but this movie also teaches us that physical and human connections are important as well. Alex’s main dilemma was that he liked this girl and wanted to get to know her better, the use of emojis was to aid him and it did teach him that just being himself is good enough. The strong theme of ‘just being yourself, because everyone else is taken’ is used so literally here, but all of us have to admit its true. There’s no point in trying to fit in, in a world where fitting in is the norm. None of us were created to just, fit it. We are here to make a difference.

3) The protagonist emoji is relatable.
Meh was supposed to maintain a ‘meh’ face his entire life, but he can’t, he laughs at the elephant fart, he’s greedy for the money when the scam, scams him. But isn’t that all of us? We can’t expect ourselves to maintain the same expression everywhere we go, that makes Meh as a character, really relatable yet diverse at the same time. Meh could be any one of us, or none at all.

4) Adorable
Come on, you have to admit, a lot of these emojis and workers of their respective apps are adorable.

5) Creative
Critics may slam this movie and call it predictable, but I saw a lot of creativity in this movie. The scene where Meh’s mother walked into Instagram and into the photo, and then walked into the picture and the next scene is where the photo was taken but everything else around her was paused, that shot in itself was the highlight of the creativity for this film. The clever use of familiar apps (I don’t know whether they were sponsored or not) such as Candy crush, Just Dance are what we are addicted to and what we used to play. They even included to PPAP video in Youtube, you have to give them credit for at least trying. But it brought about fond memories of these apps yet they were incorporated into the movie very easily.

I know these points may not be really strong enough, but I strongly believed that this movie wash harshly criticised and felt the need to defend/review it because nothing is as bad as it seems. At the end of the day, ratings are just numbers, but stories will live on in time to come.

Have you watched this movie? What did you think about it? Would you like to see me do more movie reviews, do let me know in the comments below!




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