Books and music book tag!

Hello, I’m finally doing another book tag since I suddenly started googling it today😂

I saw this book tag on (do check her out!) but the original book tag was created by Debbie at (Do check her out too!)

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but wanted to give it a shot since, who doesn’t love music?

I enjoy pop music and some of my favourite artistes are, Demi Lovato, Simple Plan, well anything that has a good tune

Here are the rules:

  • Tag the creator of this tag and the one who tagged you
  • Pick 5 songs (or more) that you just have to listen whenever they are played
  • Pick the books/characters you think fit that song the best, and explain why you pick this book/character for this song
  • Tag some friends!
  1. Mama by Jonas Blue ft. William Singe
  • This song definitely reminded me of Geekerella by Ashley Poston which I just recently read. The protagonist, Danielle (or better known as Elle), desperately needs to escape her horrible life with her stepmother and her step sisters and her perfect escape is into the world of Star Field.
  • This song talks about escaping troubles and just living life in the now, without a care in the world
  • When Danielle meets Darien, he is her perfect escape as he understands her pain and everything

2. Sorry not sorry by Demi Lovato

  • For this song, I thought of Mare Barrow from the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard, she’s treated like a trophy after the Silvers discovered she is a red blood, but has silver abilities and they parade her around like a doll.
  • But more to that, this song represents her in the 3rd book, after she’s experienced all the trauma and pain, it tells us all that- She can no longer be controlled by them, and she’s not sorry for that

3. Promise me no promises by Cheat codes ft. Demi Lovato

  • Can I first mention how much I’m hooked on this song right now? And the music video looks lit😍 (Okay, If the music video has any dystopic elements, I LOVE it)
  • For this song, I thought of the Crewel world series by Gennifer Albin, I just read the first book and just felt that the book was really suitable for this song

“Oh na na, Just be careful, na na”

“Love ain’t simple, na na”

“Promise me no promises”

  • The people around Adeline keep expecting her to go with the norm now that she’s the next Creweller. And now that she has escaped to earth with Erik and Jost, she can’t promise anything
  • But I think this song is more fitting for the relationship between Jost and Adeline, where they promise each other no promises, because they themselves have no idea how this will turn out

4. Crying in the club by Camila Cabello

  • This song, I have never heard it before, I just randomly picked it in the youtube suggestion side bar from the previous song’s video
  • The moment I heard the first line of the song, I immediately thought about The lovely reckless by Kami Garcia
  • The entire song also shows the protagonist, Frankie’s character arc when she goes from a crying mess into a girl who’s reckless and no longer crying in the club

5. Rock bottom by Hailee Steinfield ft. DNCE

  • I really liked this song since I listened to it awhile back, by re-listening to this song, I immediately knew what book that fit it
  • The Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi, especially the relationship between Juliet and Warner. Its a love hate battle between the two of them until the final book


Feel free to try out this tag and let me know you’ve done it and I’ll check it out! Hope you liked my song choices and their respective book choices along with it! Have a great day😉



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