The Flawesome Award


Thank you so much to Ayammazing for nominating me and to Sophia Ismaa for making this award! Definitely check out Ayammazing’s awesome blog with books and anime reviews and her talking about BTS!

The aim of this award is to celebrate our flaws, and changing our flaws into something positive. Accepting ones flaws and acknowledging it is only one way of slowly making it play to our advantage and slowly defeating it.

Rules! Rules! Rules!

  • Link back to the creator
  • Display the award
  • List 3 flaws and turn it into a strength
  • Tag 10 other people

3 Flawesome things about me:

1.I am quiet AF

Most people think I keep quiet because I’m just like that, but I only talk when there’s a real need too. I’ve always seen people blabber away and usually they don’t stop to think about their words and how it affects others. I’m only extremely talkative to people I really trust! Hmm, turning it into a good thing, at least this way I can weed out who my real friends are and also think before I speak and not use my words for malicious intentions.

2.I underestimate myself too much

I always doubt my abilities even without giving them a try and honestly I think this is one of my worst flaws since it always holds me back. For example, thinking that I’ll be a horrible Booktuber (I’ve been considering it so much, but I’m horribly camera-shy), but have never given it a go!

The good side about this flaw is that it always makes me strive to become better. By doubting myself and being my own worse critic, I pay attention to details that slip past me once and keep on correcting them to be better.

3.I plan and think too much yet sometimes I don’t do them at all

I think it’s no secret that INFJs are walking contradictions. I plan and think A TON, so much that I think it’s scary to even be in my own head, like my head could hold a haunted mansion for a Halloween event. But at the same time, I also try not to do it too much (but when I don’t things go awry). I think the good part is that having think and plan so much, I make decisions really quickly and also plan things until the smallest of details.

I Nominate:

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