Anime Review: Grancrest Senki (4 stars)

Anime Review: Grancrest Senki/ Record of the Grancrest war (4 stars)


Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance

Number of episodes: 24 (Completed)

Rating: 4/5 stars


In a waring world where the strongest wins, Siluca is a mage and she meets Theo who wants to become a Lord to save his hometown. He has a crest and needs more to grow stronger. She decides to pair up with him and is contracted to him.

The story definitely felt very confusing at first, but more is explained as you continue watching. The drawing style is nice and music was dramatic and intense, helping to bring out the vibes of each specific scene. It actually feels like a high-fantasy Josei anime.

I really like Aishela’s character design! I loved how good the characters all looked. I love that Siluca is determined and she isn’t afraid to stoop to any level to get the job done. I was pretty sure I was swooning over most of the guys in this anime, haha. Although Theo is not very strong physically wise, I really respect that he really stands by his morales in a world where everyone is determined to get stronger. Alexis was such a pleasing character to watch.

Red queen combined with the Arcana Chronicles. This anime reminds me of Utawarerumono.

An anime with tons of crazy battles, loyalty and unexpected allies. Graphic level until blood and flying body parts but not very grotesque. It definitely shows the harsh truth of war and sacrifice. The pacing at the start was good, but it gets darker in the middle of the anime. I actually went in not expecting any romance at all, so I was glad to see that there actually was!

That Romeo and Juliet romance between Marrine and Alexis is so sad. I was literally finding characters to ship throughout this entire series.

I was so glad that there was a happy ending. Overall, I really liked the characters and the entire story arc.

Have you watched this anime before? Let me know some of your favourite anime in the comments down below!

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