Anime Review: Brothers Conflict (1 star)


Genre: Reverse Harem, Romance, Shoujo

Number of episodes: 12 (Completed)

Rating: 1 star


Ema’s dad has just remarried and she has decided to move in with her 13 other brothers. Romance starts to bloom between them

I hesitated a lot before starting this anime because, this was one of those reverse harems I was talking about, where you had 13 routes to choose from! (Since this anime was derived from a game.)

I did find that the brothers were nice to her (regardless of the romantic attraction). My favourite was Yusuke.

The main problem I had was that there are too many characters and I can’t really remember their names! Although I like that the characters are diverse though, we have voice actors, doctors, lawyers, students, a ton of them from all different professions. With all 13 jam packed into this anime, I was more confused as to what was going on and was sure that there was no storyline.

Things progressed really fast, but she shouldn’t have let the brothers walk all over her. It’s weird to see all the guys liking her though, but it also felt very rushed, I think they should have split the anime into like different seasons and focus on a family of brothers for each one. I get that they wanted to squeeze all the boys in as an introduction, but it just made all the boys seem really well, shallow in terms of character.

I mean, things were progressing too quickly, especially like having a kiss scene in every freaking episode. Like stopping at a hug would be better, I guess?

I liked the animation style. I was more satisfied with the end and to be honest, I wanted this anime to be over as quickly as possible. It made me uncomfortable to a large extent at how the protagonist let her step brothers walk all over her.

Have you watched this anime before? Let me know some of your favourite anime in the comments down below!

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