Anime Review: Momokuri (4 stars)


Genre: Comedy, Slice of life, Romance, Shoujo

Number of episodes: 26 (Completed)

Rating: 4 stars


Yuki confesses to her crush a year younger, Momo and they go out. Yuki seems normal on the outside but is obsessed with Momo.

It’s kinda creepy that Yuki knows every detail about him, but I have to agree that he’s really cute. AHHH They are so cute! It’s pretty funny with it’s well-timed comedy.

Music was gentle and upbeat, animation style was cute. Reminded me of a younger version of Kimi ni todoke.

I love that Yuki is smart yet really weird and cute a the same time. The story was definitely pretty lighthearted, but the romance and comedy was pretty good.

This anime is definitely good for shoujo romance beginners!

Have you watched this anime before? Let me know some of your favourite anime in the comments down below!

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