‘What’s in my make up pouch?’

As stated in my lipstick haul post, I rarely wear make up except for lipstick and concealer, so this make up pouch is definitely out of the blue, right? I agree XD

Well, I put together this pouch and learnt about make up for a violin recital a few years back.

So without further ado, let’s check out what’s inside my make up pouch!


1. Sephora liquid foundation (Shade 26)

I actually haven’t used this since I really don’t wear make up at all, especially since the country I live in is humid all the time and summer all year round. However, I did hear that liquid foundations give more coverage that why I went for the liquid ones! It definitely does have more coverage than it’s powder counterpart although I’m not a fan of the smell.

2.Sephora Concealer (Shade 26)


If had to choose only one item to keep in this pouch, this would definitely be my choice! I use this VERY frequently since I still have a ton of acne scars from my cystic acne. I love that it’s not cakey and it’s really light on my skin, really good for humid countries like the one I live in.

3.Etude house Big Cover Cushion concealer (Mint)

I also heard that using green concealer helps to cover up red/ tough acne scars and bought this. It’s in liquid form and it comes with a brush on top, but I’m not a fan since the coverage of this concealer isn’t really good. Using the Sephora Concealer does better.

4.Tiny brushes from Daiso

I know a ton of people have large fears of buying cheap make up, but when I was learning how to use make up, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it either, so I experimented and trained using Daiso make up and some of them were pretty good! I depended on this brush set heavily!

5.Concealer from Daiso

Before I got the sephora concealer, I was using this liquid one for learning. I must say that it doesn’t give very good coverage and the shades are really limited. For me the difference in coloring isn’t that bad since I’m asian, but if the shade was sold in other countries I think there would be a big problem with the limitation of shades.

6.Shiseido Make up primer

This was actually a sample, but I ended up really liking this product! It isn’t sticky and it definitely helps the make up stay on!

7.Eyebrow powder from Daiso

I would actually definitely recommend this item! It’s easy to use and really good for beginners! I usually use the darkest color to shade in my eyebrows and mix the first two shades to use as a little contour (I still cannot contour though).

8.Blush from Daiso

This is another product from Daiso I would definitely recommend! It’s easy to apply and use! I usually mix all the colors for a light blush, but the top two can be mixed and used as a highlighter as well!

Why don’t I have eye shadow?

I used to have one that I bought from Daiso in a blue spectrum, but I really suck at using eye shadow and I have no idea how to use it so I ended up discarding it after practising a ton of times. (I ended up looking like an absolute weirdo)

Yup, so that is my ‘what’s in my make up pouch’ post! What do your make up pouches contain? Let me know in the comments down below!

Lipstick Haul

Saying that this is a lipstick haul is kind of an exaggeration since I actually don’t even wear make up. I have 7 tubes of lipstick which I don’t use much anymore since it’s a hassle (and I don’t leave my house).


I don’t wear much make up, at most concealer and lipstick on days I actually feel like dressing up (which is rare). So without much of me rambling on, let’s get right into the ‘haul’, shall we?

Out of my 7 tubes of lipstick, 4 of them are from one specific brand.


  1. Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipstick

First off, this is actually a pretty cheap lipstick and the first brand of lipstick I ever bought. After using it for a while, I ended up with 4 different colors and I still haven’t even used up the first tube!

  • A) Green apple
    This was the first tube that I had (and am still not done with)! The colour of the lipstick is actually green! Although it may seem horrifying at first, after the lipstick is applied to the lips, it takes on a dark pink hue!
  • B) Snow Pink
    Starting off as white, the lipstick takes on a light pink hue when applied to the lips. I think this one is one of my favorites in terms of color!
  • C) Orange Poppy
    As the name states, it starts off as orange and when applied, takes on a more coral color on the lips! Personally, orangey-hues aren’t a color I would usually wear!

These three’s colors are pretty long lasting but they do transfer pretty quickly. Nonetheless, I really like their colors since it’s kinda casual yet dressy!

  • D) Navy Strawberry
    My maid had one of this color and it looked so much better in the previous batch. In mine, there was glitter in the lipstick which I think was the main problem and spoiled the color. The navy was supposed to turn into a dark pink, but it ended up looking like a blue-black on my arm. Definitely not a fan of this one.


2. Moonshot in Electric Pink

It’s black casing is really pretty but I wasn’t a big fan of this lipstick! The color really pops but I was mainly not a fan because it emphasized all the creases on my lips (even with the lip balm underneath). It transfers really easily and leaves behind a light stain after removal.

3. Kailijumei in Barbie doll powder

I’m not one to spend a ton of money on make up (since I barely wear any of them), so I actually bought an imitation of the product. It had a plastic-ish smell and taste, but I really liked the color since it was really light and great for casual wear. The color I got was Barbie Doll Powder and it was in a shade of light pink that I actually really liked. Out of all the lipsticks in this haul, this left behind the least stain of color after removal.

4. Etude house – Dear my Enamel lips talk

I bought this one quite a while back and I don’t even think it’s on the market anymore! I got the color in code PK003 (I have no idea what the lipstick color is called). It’s a bit of a coral reddish and dark pink color. I wasn’t a big fan of this one either since it transfers really quickly. After removal there was a slight stain but easily wore off.


So that’s the end of my haul! My favorites were 1A, 1B  and 3! I hope you enjoyed my post and look forward to my next one which would be a ‘What’s in my make up pouch?’ post!

Do you use lipsticks? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments down below!