Chinese New Year 2019 Part 1

Hello my bookish friends! It’s almost that time of year again and Chinese New Year is about 2 weeks away! Here are my posts from last year, part 1, part 2, part 3

I did my online shopping about 2 weeks ago (only 1 out of the 3 items have arrived) and am still eagerly waiting for the other 2!

I also bought the ingredients needed for the pineapple tarts that I will be making in a week’s time! This first part will talk about more of the preparation phase and the next part will the final one where I bake the pineapple tarts, have reunion dinner and celebrate the actual event!

Here are the clothes that I’ve gotten this Lunar New Year!

I recently returned to having a large fascination with space/galaxy after my recent WIP! The bracelet has arrived and it looks really similar, although some of the beads were similar to the picture. I can’t wait for the skirt and the dress (I actually tried to get it last year, but unfortunately it arrived as a skirt).


Haha, I also made this with 30 CNY packets after following a YouTube video and was pretty impressed at how it turned out!

I got this pair of shoes and this top while doing physical shopping with my mum and sister. The top made me feel like Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments and until now I still have no idea why. I recently just finished a Shadowhunters binge (for the first time) and am now obsessed with the world.

Also, I went for a Chinese New Year shopping event yesterday!

We mainly went around Singapore to famous frozen food places, canned foods factories and mainly bought Chinese New Year goodies and tidbits. It was pretty uneventful and tiring since we were rushed all over the place.

I swear that this was going to be an extremely long post, but I was surprised when it was short. (I’m listening to the third book of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse on audiobook since I wanted to get some blog posts done, but I can’t really concentrate on both at the same time.)

So from now until Chinese New Year, I will be reading (like crazy) and hoping to do a rewrite for SIREN SONG (my WIP), bake pineapple tarts and probably one more visit to the library before Chinese New Year came around!

Do you celebrate Chinese New year? How does your family celebrate it? Let me know in the comments down below!



Ushering the New Year + 2019’s Resolutions

Well, I awoke to another horrible nightmare & I’ve been having them for 3 days straight (I heard that having anxiety contributes to this). In short, it was a weird nightmare about some people from my past and there was an infection going around that turned humans into cannibals & we were all trapped in the last building that was safe and the infected infiltrated the building. (Yes, I have these types of dreams VERY often) So I awoke with a sidetracked mind.

Not to mention, I was dreading the family dinner this evening since my relatives would definitely ask questions about work and relationships (both that I do not have), but work is definitely more of my mental health not being okay. (And this is difficult to even explain since in Asian families, they do not even think about it and categorise mental illness as being ‘crazy’.) And since both my cousins are furthering their education, I always feel that it’s unfair, because I wasn’t given that chance to and the only choice was to get a private education, but it required for me to work (which my mental health really can’t cope with right now) and my parents would never allow me to study overseas unlike my cousin.

So my violin class went as usual, but I was off-key (by half a tone) and didn’t meet the requirement made by my teacher to play the song smoothly, I usually get really affected and beat myself up about it, but having consecutive nightmares made me really tired and fearful, since the nightmares have always been vivid.

The rest of the day went about as a rush as I couldn’t complete a book in time and was fearful to start Lord of Shadows (because Lady Midnight broke me) and I was daunted by the sheer number of pages & the size of the book.

So the dinner finally came around and I managed to conceal my tiredness with lipstick & concealer, finally feeling better about myself after a recent bad acne outbreak on my face (again). I mainly just focused on eating and avoided any questions.

It actually didn’t go too badly, it actually went better than I expected. I was glad that one of my aunts remembered I was vegetarian while the other remembered that I book blogged (she also mouthed to ask me whether I had a job and I shook my head, but I was glad she didn’t ask it aloud). The 2nd aunt and I even had a little conversation about what I do for my book blog (which I was glad to talk about), but I wasn’t able to talk about my writing since I don’t anyone even knows I like writing? (which surprises me a ton LOL, I mean books and writing are the only things I talk about!)

I was dreading family dinners a lot since the previous year, the same 2nd aunt asked me about my relationship and I mentioned my ex (which I NEVER talked about in front of my family, even during and after the relationship, because my family was kinda like that, we just didn’t share things like that with each other. I also knew my parents were disappointed that I never really told them and they found out through other means. But I also had no idea how to tell them, and when they found out, my mum made it such a big deal that she told it to my teacher (in secondary school) who talked to me and her words were literally for me to break up with him to focus on my studies? Let’s just say in the end, I was the one who was victorious though, I might talk about this in another storytime post!) Also, they only consoled me when I was crying over the breakup, but had no idea what the relationship was like, and they didn’t seem to care either. And after that, the whole thing was NEVER talked about again, that’s why I always talk about Fish (that’s what I call him now) to my best friend, since she kinda knew him too.


Yup, so sappy stories aside (I’m tired AF, but wanted to write this post to get things off my chest).


Here are my 2019 Resolutions!

  • Edit first draft of Lunar Eclipse & Siren Song, Beneath the mask, Prominence and upload to Swoon Reads/ query/ self-publish (I’ve actually finally done my first re-read for Siren Song and will get back to editing the story once the new year starts!)
  • Get to violin unofficial ‘grade 5’ (Currently at 4, but my progress seems really slow)
  • Get 600 followers on the blog (Currently at 430+! Hoping to grow a lot more!)
  • 700 followers on Twitter & Instagram (Both at 600+ followers right now! I’m actually thinking about starting BookTube too! But I’m terribly afraid of looking into the camera, unless I’m not wearing my spectacles.)
  • Reading Goal: 100 books (in 2018 it was 60 books and honestly, I knocked it out of the park with 390 books)


What are you 2019 goals and how are you celebrating the last days of 2018? Let me know in the comments down below!

Sunday thoughts

(I just want to mention that this isn’t a series, it’s just what I have swirling in my mind for today and I’ve been wanting to write/type something for the past few days!)

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So I have my weekly Violin classes on Sunday and this isn’t the first time I’ve picked up the violin!

I actually bought and picked up violin lessons when I was about 14, but I gave it up to lean piano instead (play by ear). Thank God I gave up violin that time, because I probably wasn’t ready and back then, the place that I went to, the teacher wasn’t great. He didn’t care to teach me properly and was always sloppy in his way of teaching.

So I stopped violin to play the piano and since I’ve always gone to private schools (they aren’t as expensive as people think), I learned how to ‘Play by ear’. But unfortunately for me, I didn’t manage to learn to play by ear.

So after stopping the piano (I was at level 3 and there were 4 levels) since my piano teacher was leaving (I had 3 teachers and I liked him the best), I left too. And after that, I signed up for violin classes at a school within walking distance of my house.

If I’m not wrong, I’ve been learning violin since I was 17, so it’s been 5-6 years!

And I never learned music because I wanted to be good. I was definitely liked it, of course (I was inspired by La Corda D’Oro – did anyone watch/read this manga too?), but it had always been a way for me to cope with my anxiety (since I never got it diagnosed, no therapy and no medicine).

Music has always helped, because in that moment, I don’t have to think about anything else, I just focus on the music, the instrument and trying to play the song.

My current violin teacher is definitely so much better. As a student I’m really quiet, but she doesn’t give up on me. And more importantly, she sees a lot of potential in me.

She doesn’t force me to practise (because she treats me like an adult) and really sees a ton of potential in me, which really helps! (Because if she didn’t believe in me, I would have given up a long time ago, I think.)

The violin is well known as one of the toughest instruments to master and I definitely agree!

My teacher has mentioned to me umpteen times that I actually should try to go for violin grade exams, and honestly, I want to too.

But then I always hear that voice in my head that tells me I’m not good enough. My teacher asked out of curiosity why I didn’t want to try the exams, and in my head, I already knew who the culprit was.


There’s a healthy doubt and the unhealthy doubt. Mine is definitely the latter.

And it sucks, because I always end up looking down on myself and anything less than perfect is not acceptable.

I was definitely happy that my teacher saw my potential and honestly, I never saw my own potential in the violin either. I still think I suck at it.

My teacher definitely helped my esteem and tell me to think about it and when I casually mentioned it to my mum (I was definitely in a good mood after that), the first thing she said after that was “how are we going to afford a thousand dollar violin?”

And all long, I’ve always paid for things for my violin (even purchasing my current one). And honestly, despite both me and my sister not working, my family does actually earn quite a bit.

And I thought, as a parent, you would try to encourage your child to push themselves, to achieve more, but my parents want to drag me down instead and honestly that doesn’t help.


On a lighter note, what have you been up to this weekend and what will you be doing this week?

I’ve been reading a few books (and trying to get through my library books quickly). I really enjoyed The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White! Definitely check that out for a great Halloween read!

I’m currently watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and find it not bad! Definitely a little dark as well and great for Halloween!

And other than that, I’m mentally preparing myself for NaNoWriMo that starts on the 1st of November! I’m actually considering starting a few days early because my goal this time round is 75k words and that is insane because it means I would be writing EVERY DAY. The past few times, I usually had at least 2 or 3 days I could take a break. Or I might try to write more during the days, but I take a ton of time to write like 2.5k words (which is the base of each chapter).

So I’m a little conflicted!

But anyway, are you taking part in NaNoWriMo this year? If you are, let me know your schedule and how you’re doing!


Recently, in my home country (Singapore), a repeal has been requested and petitioned for Section 377A of the Penal Code (Singapore).

If you’re not sure what this law is, it is one that criminalises sex between mutually consenting adult men.


I am for the repealing and it’s okay if people have differing views, but I think the important thing is that we’re hearing each other out.


Honestly, I was never raised to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community (Please don’t bash me yet! Hear me out!) and I just wanted to share my history as to why it happened that way and how I’ve learn to be accepting of it over the past 2 years!

Personally, I’m straight, but we’re all humans and in the end, love conquers all.

Okay, let me get started on my biography! 😂

I was raised in a strict Catholic household, my mother’s side is Catholic while my father’s side is Taoist. My father and mum worked it out but I don’t think my dad is considered Catholic.

My departed grandmother was an extremely strict Catholic and she would nag at my mum to send us for Catholicism classes, but she didn’t (and I’m thankful for). But when I was younger I still accompanied my parents to church diligently every Sunday. My aunt and uncles are pretty strict Catholics as well (there was the one post where I talked about my uncle and aunt being unhappy with my cousin dating a Christian guy, post here).

So if you aren’t sure, Catholics and Christians are really strict about being straight and all, so even mentioning the word ‘gay’ to them would spark outrage and horror.

When I was around 14, I was in secondary school and had followed my friends and enrolled in a Uniform Group which was Girls’ Brigade and at that time I didn’t know they were a Christian Uniform Group. But it was a life-changing experience because after that, I never ‘converted’ to Christianity, but my heart is and I identify myself as one.

Why I didn’t manage to convert was a mess of problems, there were a lot of unhealthy things going on with the pressurised friendships and people forcing me to do a lot of things I wasn’t comfortable with, like altar-call or lying to my parents that I was going out with my friends when I was actually going out to church with them. (I cut all those people off, but I still identify with the religion.)

(I think I’m going off topic, lol.)

Anyway, Christians are similar to Catholics in the aspect that the word ‘gay’ is a taboo. When I was that age, I was like seriously homophobic because we used to associate gays with negative things and now that I think about it, I feel really bad because I was immature back then and know better now.

When I was 18, I was in polytechnic and had my first encounter with people with mental illnesses (not relevant) and people who where LGBTQ+. Honestly, my first reaction was to run far away from them because that certain person wasn’t really sincerely nice (like you could tell it was a front).

So when was the time that I came to understand and warm up to the idea? During the time when I started seriously going back into YA books. Studies HAVE shown that people who read are more emphatic and I think that’s really true.

Initially, I struggled with the concept and everything about it, but over the 2 years after I graduated from my diploma and started bookstagramming and book blogging, I slowly learn to be more accepting and understanding. Coming from a strict Catholic background and transitioning to Christianity have never given me the chance or the possibility to open up and be emphatic to the cause and I’m thankful that reading has opened my eyes and made me more accepting.

Some good movies and books definitely helped! (Shoutout to Love, Simon!)

At the end of the day, we’re all humans and I think we all just want to be loved, and we all deserve to be loved, regardless of gender, age or anything else.

The 1 and 5 months I’ve spend binge reading has really taught me a lot of things, how to be more accepting and open-minded. I’ve learn to see people not from their appearance but for their souls. Like instead of how they look, I look at each person with a soul. And I think that simplifies a lot of things and maybe everyone should do that too.

I mean, we all should have our rights and it’s all our rights to fall in love with whoever we want.

There’s this very interesting thing I was reminded off when this post/topic was swirling around in my head. When I was studying for my film diploma, we had learned of ‘film genre’ and in the module was themes in film. I distinctively remembered remembered one theme that is still prominently used in books, movies, songs and everything that falls in the spectrum alike.

“Love conquers all.”

Now, they never mentioned it was “straight love” or “gay love” or anything else. This theme has no labels, no nothing. And that was why I think that it was perfect for this post. Because love does conquer all in the end.

Also, another interesting scene I remember, from the book-to-movie adaptation of Simon vs the homosapien agenda to Love, Simon when Simon comes out to his family.

That scene broke me (I went to rewatch it and it broke me again). And it made me think a lot. Especially if I were in the parent’s shoes and in the future (if I do get married and am not forever alone and have kids), if my child comes up to me and comes out to me, how would I respond?

It would break my heart if my child would ever think that I would love them less just because they identify with the LGBTQ+ community. (I literally started tearing up and I don’t even have a kid, guys. I’m as single as they come.) And I would never want to put my child through that because I knew what it was like growing up thinking I had to hide myself from the world.

That I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t want to conform. It would seriously suck if my child had to feel that way.

And I think that was the moment when I realised that it would suck for any other person out there, thinking that they don’t fit in. They have to take so much courage to come out, and it’s not like straight people come out and say, “Hey guys, guess what? I’m straight!”

It’s unfair and treating the LGBTQ+ community differently isn’t fair. If you’re going to claim that God will judge them and all, I just have one question in reply.

“How would you know?”

It’s not like God personally told it to you. It’s not like you’re perfect and God has nothing to judge you for.

We all have our fair shares of sins, but being in love is not one of them, and it should never be.

It’s heartbreaking to see the discrimination and honestly, I think all the LGBTQ+ community just wants to be understood, and accepted (And they shouldn’t have to fight so hard for something they deserve in the first place).

So I’m not pushing my opinions on the world, I think we should all take a step back and think about things before talking, because words hurt, A LOT. And the world is already such a sad and dreadful place, we shouldn’t tear each other down and make it worse.

Just remember, “Love conquers all.”

Beating myself up over mental illness

You know how a few months ago, I mentioned that I wanted to try out for the library job that I spotted and knew I would enjoy?

Well, I gave myself a ton of excuses and ended up not even trying to pursue it, meaning not even sending in my resume or even trying.

I’m not trying to blame my mental illness (anxiety), but I must say that it’s a really big factor.

It sucks that I know what I want, but the limitations stop me right there. A ton of people would say that “oh you know, it’s all in your head”, “It’s job pre-job jitters, everyone gets past that”, “You never know until you try”.

And it’s definitely easier said than done.

Mental illness has always been a difficult topic to talk about socially and I want so badly for this to change, but unfortunately, it’s a painfully slow process. Especially in a traditional and conservative country such as mine.

Mental illness is usually just brushed off and most people don’t think there’s anything wrong until something snaps in you.

But unfortunately for me, I’ve been trained from young to “conceal, don’t feel”, and that is why I always kinda seem distant to people. Since young I’ve learnt to hold my emotions in, that my emotions would be a burden to others, so I should keep all my demons to myself, and that was how I grew up and possibility one factor that contributed to my anxiety now.

I was always an outlet for someone else, since I keep to myself a lot and am pretty quiet, I’m a very good listener and I love trying to help people with their problems, and honestly, it sucks, because most of the time I end up being taken for granted. When someone is done ranting to me, I’m tossed to the side of the road and that’s the end of the story.

It’s been almost 2 years since I graduated from my diploma and I don’t have a job, never even tried applying for it. Why? It’s not because I don’t want to earn money and earn a living, it’s simply because I can’t.

It’s already out of the norm that I didn’t get a 9-5 job like the rest of my peers (who are living the time of their lives with money), but I also have suspected mental illness, and honestly I think life sucks.

Honestly, the only thing keeping me alive right now are books, my blog and blogging friends I’ve made over the internet.

And I let these thoughts get to me, that I’m not worth it, I don’t deserve to be here. And how easy it would be if everything just ended. But I know that there are things I want to accomplish and that’s what pushes me forward to the next day.

I knew my aspiration since a young age (12), I knew I wanted to be a writer and I knew I was born and placed here to write.

Writing just makes me not think of anything else, and that’s a big comfort in my brain that seems to be wired to overthink 24/7. Because a lot of times, a lot of things have failed me, but words, never.

And I do want to get help for my suspected anxiety, but I lack the courage. I let my fears overtake me and I just don’t know what to do or how to react. It’s easy to suspect something, but what if it’s confirmed and true?

I’ve been told by many people that ‘these things are in my head’, my friends, my ex, heck, even my parents have said that to me. And it sucks, because I know I’m drowning and I’m screaming until my lungs burn and yet they SEE me drowning but refuse to accept that I’m drowning.

I know, many people will ask me to simply talk to my parents, tell them how I feel, but it’s not that simple. As I mentioned earlier before, I’ve never been one to talk about emotions despite being so sensitive to everything.

Sometimes I wish that everyone else could read my thoughts instead, because that sure would have been easier than anything else.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I was supposed to be saying with this post, but I think it’s just more of me trying to get my feelings out there. Mental illness is a tough journey, especially if you don’t have support or people who understand what you’re going through and instead keep trying to force you to do things that you simply can’t.

But if you are going through what I am, please know that you aren’t alone and at least know that one person will stand by you even if you feel like the entire world is out to get you. (I’m talking about me😂)

Stay strong and keep fighting, because every part of you is worth it and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not.