Camp NaNo 2018 Part 4 (Final)

Guys. I finished it. My first draft for Siren Song is DONE!!!!!

It started off as an idea from a dream, and I spent one month writing a first draft and it still amazes me every time because I never knew I could discipline myself to do this. Although this is my 2nd time doing NaNoWriMo, it still doesn’t get easier.


Look at this beautiful banner 😭Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 3.14.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-29 at 3.16.39 PM.png

I’m at a loss for words since when I started, I wasn’t sure where this novel was going. With at least a first draft in place, I can now hope to revise it soon.

Here are the final stats:

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 3.16.23 PM.png

Week 1:

1/4 – 2,614 words (+2,614)

2/4 -5,000 words (+2,386)

3/4 -7,503 words (+2,503)

4/4 – 10,065 (+2,560)

5/4 -12,630 (+2,567)

6/4 -15,140 (+2,510)

7/4 – 17,650 (+2,510)

8/4 – 20,153 (+2,503)

Week 2:

9/4 -22,670 (+2,517)

10/4 -25,187 (+2,517)

11/4 – 25,809 (+622)

12/4 -28,338 (+2,529)

13/4 -30,898 (+2,560)

14/4 -33,414 (+2,516)

15/4 – 35,930 (+2,516)

Week 3:

16/4 -38,456 (+2,526)

17/4 -40,456 (+2,500)

18/4 -43,533 (2,577)

19/4 -46,036 (+2,503)

20/4 -48,625 (+2,589)

21/4 -51,156 (+2,531)

22/4 -53,769 (+2,613)

Week 4:

23/4 -56,286 (2,517)

24/4 -58,803 (+2,517)

25/4 -61,327 (+2,522)

26/4 -63,842 (+2,515)

27/4 -66,368 (+2,526)

28/4 -68,416 (+2,048)

29/4 -70,102 (+1,686)

Here is my cert 😍

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 3.22.53 PM.png

I’ve learned a ton during this time, such as definitely planning and thinking things through.

Here is how I hope the cover will look like:

cover 2.jpeg


Okay, I’m off to celebrate by rereading the Shatter me series and watching Age of Ultron later!


Bookish mail #1

This is the first time I’m going to do a post about bookish mail! (It’s going to be a very short one though since I only got one mail)

So, a little more backstory, I don’t buy a ton of books since they’re really pricey, I always borrow them from the library or read eARCs, I only spend money during my birthday month where I would splurge and buy like 3 books.

On to the main event, I received an envelope from the lovely author Danika Stone as I responded to her tweet and this was what I got!


A awesome looking postcard, HER AUTOGRAPH and two stickers from her books! I loved the book Internet famous (You can check out my review here.)

And her autograph is the first I have of an author! Yay! I’ve never had an autographed book (and I don’t think I ever will) since no authors come to my country and my parents never let me go anywhere I want even though I’m going to be 22 this year😑

So yup, here is is my first ever ‘bookish mail’ post for this blog and I hope that more will come in soon! Till then!

Game reviews: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir and discussion on Crazy Rich Asians

Hello bookish friends! I usually schedule these types of posts in advance, but there’s been a ton of new stuff recently and I’m stoked to share my views on them!

First up, the newly released Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game!

  1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


Everyone has heard of Harry Potter, even if they haven’t seen the movies or read the books, but now, we are given a chance to actually LIVE the Hogwarts experience through a game!

I actually signed up for the pre-release so I started playing this game early! I chose the Ravenclaw house since #ravenclawhousepride and I love everything that they stand for.

What I loved about the game: 

  1. Adventure – the storyline isn’t the same as the Harry potter books or movies although there are some similarities, you get one friend from the same house and a rival from Slytherin. The backstory talks about your brother going missing from trying to find the curse vaults and now that you’re in Hogwarts, you want to find where he is.
  2. World building – You get to experience what it was like when Harry first came to Hogwarts, you get to choose a wand (actually, it chooses you), get sorted into houses, learn spells, mix potions and have a ton of adventures in Hogwarts.
  3. Character expressions – This is my favourite part about the game! I love that the expressions of the characters are really REALLY good and accurate that it almost seems human! Here’s a screenshot from while I was playing the game:thumbnail_IMG_3523.jpg

Look at her expression on the extreme left! (She’s Rowan in the game, your friend) I love how funny their expressions are and I thought of a thousand memes in my head for this!

thumbnail_IMG_3523 copy.jpg   thumbnail_IMG_3523 copy 2.jpg

(Okay, sorry, I’ll stop it now)

What I disliked about the game:

  1. Time taken – You spend a lot of time waiting for your energy to be recharged to full (around 1 to 1.5 hours) and some quests need you to wait a whole 8 hours before you can complete them! I was really annoyed by this on the first day since I really wanted to get the quests done and move on with the story!
  2. Hogwarts – Not that this is a very bad thing, but you spend the entire game ONLY at Hogwarts, you don’t get to see more of the world out there
  3. Professor Snape – Okay, I never really liked him since the movies, but he kept taking away my Ravenclaw house points! He took away so many that I felt that I was a letdown to my house and I should be expelled! But it does get better in year 2 when you knows his own Slytherins better and actually believes you when you tell him that your rival set you up.

Overall, if you love Harry Potter, definitely give this game a go and see whether it’s your cup of tea!


2. Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir – Official game


If you don’t know, I LOVE the Miraculous Ladybug cartoon series and was very excited when I heard a game was coming out!

What I loved about the game:

  1. How much they incorporated the show into it – I love that we get to see our favourite characters and villains throughout the entire game! We get to play between Marinette and Adrien and also as Ladybug and Cat Noir! We get to see snippets of them transforming and also when Ladybug uses Lucky Charm!
  2. Simplistic Gameplay – The gameplay is really simple! Run, jump, slide and dodge any obstacles coming your way as you collect Ladybugs, Lucky Charms, Cataclysms, Cookies and Camembert.
  3. Storyline –  I liked that they incorporated the storyline from favourite episodes like Dark Cupid, Lady Wifi, Volpina and more!

What I disliked about the game:

  1. Character graphics – I really didn’t like how the characters looked in the game, they just looked more unfriendly and robotic.
  2. Not enough lives – Hey, if I’m playing as Cat Noir, I should have 9 lives, right?😂 Okay, so for every round you get 2 lives (including the one you start with), once you burn those two up, you’re dead and out.)
  3. Stagnant – Although the gameplay is really simple and great for kids, the fandom for this cartoon actually has a lot of older viewers (like me) and the game is literally just running and dodging obstacles, so it gets really stagnant at a lot of times. Maybe they could add some mini-games throughout the gameplay so that it doesn’t just feel like we just run around all the time.


3. Crazy Rich Asians


So, I’ve heard that this is one of the book to movie adaptations coming out soon and I’ve never read the books but have heard about the news on the movie.

So you might be wondering why I would discuss about a movie when I usually just do movie reviews, but there’s something very interesting about this movie particularly.

  1. Book to movie adaption (Calling all book to movie adaption fans!)
  2. It’s a romance/family film (right up my alley)
  3. In 25 years, it’s a full asian cast for a Hollywood film
  4. It’s set in my home country (Singapore)

Yes, can we get a “Oh-yeah” for more POC appearing in Hollywood movies?

And also, this movie is going to be set in MY FREAKING HOME COUNTRY, Singapore! I was very surprised when I heard about it and would love to see how this movie portrays Singapore onto the big screen!

Also, the actress playing the mother is Michelle Yeoh (Hey, I have the same name, just without the h)

Okay, So I’ll definitely be checking out this movie too!


That’s all, my bookish friends, have a great weekend (I hope you plan to watch Infinity war because I’ll wait for the internet version because I don’t have friends and nobody wants to watch it with me, bye 😂)


Camp NaNo 2018 Part 3 + Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game

Hello friends!

It’s already the 3rd week of Camp NaNoWriMo and we’re so close to the end! I just finished hitting my daily quota of 2.5k words and just finished a writing a betrayal scene!

Here is the graph of my current progress:

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 6.18.41 PM.png

I’ve managed to write 2.5k words everyday! And here is the breakdown:

16/4 -38,456 (+2,526)

17/4 -40,456 (+2,500)

18/4 -43,533 (2,577)

19/4 -46,036 (+2,503)

20/4 -48,625 (+2,589)

21/4 -51,156 (+2,531)

22/4 -53,769 (+2,613)


I’m definitely sad that the end is near, but I’m also glad that I actually managed to write the story! It started off as a simple underwater dream, and seeing it evolve into a full fledged fantasy novel was both scary and exciting!

Since I always share something for every post, today I’ll share a little excerpt of one of my favourite scenes that I wrote.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 6.22.14 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 6.25.36 PM.png

I still remember the start of the entire project and the arrow wasn’t even at 1%, after three weeks, I’m at 75% and starting tomorrow, it will be the official last week of Camp NaNoWriMo and It’s so bittersweet.

For all those who are taking part, I hope your writing is going well and that you’re still on track! Charge all the way to the finish line!


On a side note, I managed to play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery over on my IOS and gosh, I actually really like this game! It’s more of a time waiting type of game so you have to wait (1-8 hours to do quests) and around 1.5 hours for your energy bar to go to full before you can complete your missions!


As you go through the story, you meet other students (None from the original series, only the teachers appear) and learn to cast spells, brew potions and fly on a broomstick!

I’ve actually never read any of the books (I really should) but I’ve watched all the movies and have taken the official test and am a Ravenclaw!

The gameplay is really easy to master and I think it was every person’s dream to get a letter to attend Hogwarts, so this game really makes your childhood dreams come true!

My current progress is that I’m waiting out 8 hours to see Dumbledore (yes, I got in trouble) and I’m so nervous! I keep getting my points deducted by Professor Snape and keep getting scolded by the Ravenclaw prefect.

I heard that it’s getting released officially on the 25th April which is 3 days away! (I think I’m able to play it because I preregistered for the game.)

Anyways, cheers to the last week of Camp NaNo!




Camp NaNo 2018 Part 2

Hello friends! Today marks the end of the 2nd week for Camp NaNoWriMo! Any of you guys who took part? How are you guys doing?

So for this second week, I was working on the 2/4 of my story and have just finished writing the middle portion of the novel! Keeping up with the average quota of writing 2.5k words everyday, I managed to do it almost everyday, except for once!

Here are my stats for this week:

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 5.24.19 PM.png

Week 2:

9/4 -22,670 (+2,517)

10/4 -25,187 (+2,517)

11/4 – 25,809 (+622) (On this day I didn’t write much because I was unmotivated and confused as to where the story was heading. So I took a step back to plan out the events and scenes that would unfold in the story!)

12/4 -28,338 (+2,529)

13/4 -30,898 (+2,560)

14/4 -33,414 (+2,516)

15/4 – 35,930 (+2,516)


Well, after doing this for two weeks, it still is difficult, but it’s very fun because I get to see the dream I had once come to life in words.

For this week, the title is still the same, Siren Song and I’ve decided not to change it as for the time being! I managed to work on a newer aesthetic and I feel that this one has a clearer image of the story and characters that I wanted to showcase in this novel!


Here is the photo of the reference map I’ve been using for my story! I’m mainly working with the Atlantic, Arctic, Indian and Pacific Oceans in my story!

And the next photo will be the newest aesthetic!

siren song aesthetic 2.jpg

I must say that I absolutely adore this newer one I’ve made!

If you’re interested in reading an excerpt or seeing the cover of the book, definitely let me know in the comments! (I hope to work on the cover of the book next week!)

For all those who are participating in Camp NaNo or just writing their stories, good luck!