Personal Bucket List

Since I had posted my bookish Bucket list, I figured that I would also post my personal bucket list!

Bucket list :

Places to Visit:

  • Visit Athens, Greece (To see the ruins of the temple of Athena, Acropolis)


As a kid, I grew up really interested in Greek Mythology, so I read a lot about the Greek Gods and Goddesses! I would definitely love to visit the ruins of the temple of Athena in Acropolis! Actually, wouldn’t mind visiting any of the ruins of the Greek Gods and Goddesses!

  • Visit Satorini, Greece, Oia Village (For photo-taking)

460705541.jpg    our_sea_is_blue.jpg

I think everyone knows that Santorini has the iconic blue roofs, I would love to visit the place to take the photos myself and look at the view.

  • Visit Fushimi Inari shrine (Kyoto, Japan)


This shrine looked as though it belongs in an anime! When I first saw the picture of it, I was definitely impressed and immediately added it into my bucket list! The shrine has thousands of Vermillion torii gates and is dedicated to the Shinto God of Rice, with many fox statues to protect the shrine.

  • Visit Tokyo Anime Center (Akihabara, Japan)


A must visit place for anyone who is an anime fan, the Tokyo Anime center talks about the vast history of anime and current anime.

  • Visit dreamy camera cafe in YangPyeong, South Korea


Look at this beautiful café located in YangPyeong, so pretty! Would definitely love to check it out!

  • Visit solomon islands

download-1.jpg download-2.jpg

Just look at the photos, there is no need for an explanation 😂

  • Visit Munich, Germany (For its Rococo architecture)

download-3.jpg – Look at that architecture!

  • Visit/take photo of Mont Saint-Michel In Normandy, France

download-4.jpg – This looks exactly like a Disney castle!

  • Visit Paris, France

download-5.jpg – I wanted to visit Paris after I watched Miraculous Ladybug

  • Visit Petra, Jordan

1200px-Petra_Jordan_BW_21-1.jpg – Also known as the Rose City, this place is so beautiful!

  • Visit Disneyland

Any Disneyland is fine with me, as long as I get to visit one!

  • Visit Tuscany in Italy (San Biagio, Montepulciano)

b1c76d4ab406ee73e39654ef864e1597.jpg – Another place that looks like a castle!


  • Go to a classical music concert

Yes, I have never been to a classical music concert, and hope that one day I do.

  • Eat at Antoinette Cafe, Singapore


  • Visit Coffeemin @ Clarke Quay


It looks like a cool place to chill and read!

  • Visit Sea Scent Restaurant, Sentosa (Singapore)

download-1.jpg – I think I wanted to visit this place because it resembles Santorini

  • Visit the White Rabbit restaurant (Singapore)


  • Visit white grass restaurant (CHIJMES, Singapore)


  • Try Beginner adult ballet

I was never one of those asian kids who’s parents forced them to learn ballet or piano when they were younger, I wished I did though. I really want to try ballet!

  • Watch a movie at the Gold class of GV


Those seats look extremely comfy and I would definitely love to watch a movie while being that pampered.

  • Donate blood (at least once)

Ever since I heard from my friend that she went to donate blood (but only went through half the bag and failed, unfortunately), I really wanted to give it a go, myself! I’m just kinda scared of the needle and not being able to get through the entire bag.

Things crossed off the list! (Accomplished):

  • Play at a recital/ music competition

I have actually played at a music recital that was held by my music school! Of course I played horribly, but I definitely overcame my anxiety (and even learnt how to put make up) thanks to the experience! A big shout out to my pianist accompaniment; Titus!

  • Visit the S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore

I’ve wanted to visit the Aquarium since I’ve heard about it opening! It wasn’t as fantastic as they mentioned, though.


So here is my personal bucket list, let me know in the comments below what you would include in yours!