Top 10 favorite Disney films

It is no secret that I’m a big Disney fan, I love cartoons (and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t)! I think cartoons make things simpler and are a good way to escape from daily life. Unlike it’s real-life counterparts, cartoons are given more abilities to venture into different concepts and ideas that would easily be brushed off if the movie was trying to get it done in life-action instead.

I grew up on iconic Disney princess movies like Snow White, The Little mermaid, Sleeping beauty and even after I grew up, I still never stopped enjoying Disney movies. So I decided to write a top 10 list of my all time favourite Disney films!

1.Beauty and the Beast

Now, I think this is every bookworm’s favourite Disney movie and it’s obvious why! Our protagonist, Belle is a bookworm and people find her eccentric because of her bookish ways, but the Beast is able to understand her and even gifts her an entire library (Learn a little something from the Beast, boys). We also have an antagonist that is really general, Gaston, but because of being so general, he plays a villain that anyone can have in their lives.

I love the magic and sacrifice in this movie, and honestly, I still prefer the animated one over the life-action one. I just didn’t feel that the life-action one brought that magic and energy the original one had.

2.Atlantis: The lost empire

I only watched this movie more recently, but immediately fell in love with it! I’ve always loved myths and Atlantis is definitely one of them! The story in this film was so interesting and inspirational! It was full of adventure and technology and if you haven’t watched it, definitely check it out!


I also didn’t watch this movie until more recently, but I probably wouldn’t have understood it if I watched it when I was a kid! I love the whole dystopian aspect of the film and how important it is for us to take care of the Earth!


I have always liked the story of Rapunzel ever since I first heard about it! I always found myself relating to her since I have strict Asian parents and always felt as though I was locked away on a tall tower. A ton of people called me Rapunzel because of my hair too (but It’s not that long, until my waist, probably).

I love that Rapunzel managed to escape the tower with Eugene’s help and the scenes in this movie were so romantic! Especially the lantern scene, that was definitely my favorite! Also, every song in this movie was SO GOOD!

5.Wreck it Ralph

I love that this movie was a way to connect Disney to the more modern times and it was so good! I can’t wait for the 2nd one to come out since I really enjoyed the first once! But most of the games inside weren’t the games from the 90s generation though and I wished they would have added more of them in.


I know a ton of people disliked this movie, because of their children playing ‘Let it go’ non-stop, but the version by Demi Lovato was way better! Anyway, I actually LIKED Frozen more than Moana because Elsa was a character I really related too!

I also liked Anna because of nativity and her perfect example of how girls are (espcially when they wake up). But I really resonated with Elsa because of how much she has to hide her true self with this mask for the people of Arendelle. Elsa is also one of the Disney princesses well known for being an INFJ (same as me!) and I usually find myself relating to Let it go so much as well!


When I saw the trailer for Zootopia, I KNEW I was going to love this movie! And I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I watched it in the theatres! I love that the main protagonist was Judy, a rabbit (my nickname was rabbit, and until now I still have no idea why) and I really liked that a country bumpkin was exploring the city of zootopia for the first time while chasing her dreams. I love her interactions with Nick and the whole topic of predator vs prey.


I loved the culture in Coco and really enjoyed the magic of the entire movie! I also really liked that music played a large part in this movie alongside the strong ties of family relation! I would definitely recommend this movie if you haven’t watched it!

9.Lady and the tramp

This was the first Disney movie I really enjoyed watching (even before I watched Beauty and the Beast)! I will always remember the iconic spaghetti scene and the romance in this movie! Well, I’m a little curious as to how the live-action will turn out but will still definitely check it out!

10.High school musical

And the last on this list is the classic for all kids born in the 90s! High school musical was what I lived for! The awesome catchy songs and the dramatic high school life was so interesting!

The romance between Troy and Gabriella had everyone in tears and on a roller coaster of emotions!

Have you watched any of these movies? What are your personal favourites that are/are not on this list? Let me know in the comments down below!

Top 5 favourite (and recommended) Korean variety shows

Hello bookish friends! You already know I love books, movie and anime, but did you know I also enjoy Korean variety shows? Sorry to the Kdrama fans out there, but I don’t like dramas.😂

Without further ado, here is my top 5 list of Korean variety shows!


  1. Running Man

    I never really got into Running man until the show became immensely popular. Although my secondary school friends were buzzing about this show, at that point in time I didn’t feel that it was interesting or that I needed to watch it.

    When I finally got around to watching it though, this show really got me through a tough time. On those days that I hated life and didn’t feel like smiling at all, Running man would always come through for me and make my day very much brighter and within a few minutes into the show, I would be grinning from ear to ear at the cast’s hilarious antics.

  2. Infinity Challenge

    I got into this show a few years AFTER Running man, so I missed a lot of this show and it’s actually already ended.

    Infinity Challenge
    holds another special place in my heart as the cast is equally lovable and funny at the same time. They go through impossible challenges and they grow with the show, which made it really meaningful to watch.

  3. Battle Trip
    Watching Battle Trip is the next best thing to travelling to the actual location itself. Every episode, they have Korean celebrities to plan out itineraries to the country intended and the celebrities will take you with them as they explore the country, food and culture!

    Having a great wanderlust but being broke and having strict parents, watching Battle Trip is probably the only way I can get to see the world in the comfort of my own home.

  4. Hyori’s bed and breakfast
    Hyori’s bed and breakfast is a more unique variety show, it follows the famous pop star, Hyori and her life living in Jeju Island. It’s slow paced and relaxing as they tackle the problems and fun that comes with running a bed and breakfast with their pets.

    I love that this variety show is really relaxing and it teaches you to take life one day at a time. It’s also pretty funny and emotional.

  5. The return of superman

    The return of superman is a variety show that gets celebrity Korean dads to take care of their children for 2 days while their mums can get some time away. (Just look at these cutie pies)

    I absolutely love this show and majority of the kids inside the show! Too bad a lot of my favourites have left already, but it’s nice to see the fathers interact with their children and we as an audience can see the children grow as well.

Top 5 book boyfriends

Hello bookish friends, today I have a list of my top 5 book boyfriends! I generally don’t feel really attached to the fictional boys in books, but here are the 5 that are the exception that still stay on my mind although I’m not reading the book. These 5 guys are so drool-worthy (No, I’m not drooling, it’s just raining in the room.)


1.Daemon Black (Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout)


I fell in love with the Lux series after reading the first book (and binge read the entire series after that) and I really liked Daemon’s character. He has the whole older brother and alpha male vibe going on and is really protective over Katy. After the first book, I immediately fell in love with his character!


2.The Darkling (Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo)


Image credit: The Darkling by ni-ru

I think out of a lot of characters in the Grishaverse, the Darkling is one of the more famous ones! And I loved his antagonistic character! I was so sad that he didn’t get his redemption arc, but I would definitely love to see more of him! His ‘evilness’ and possessiveness is somehow charismatic!


3.Aaron Warner (Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi)


Image credit: Aaron Warner by talentedweird

It’s been a while since I’ve finished this series, but I still remember how Aaron started off as an antagonist before becoming the love interest. I totally loved his mysterious yet possessive vibe.


4.Kalen (The vanishing spark of dusk by Sara Baysinger)


Image credit: Entangled Teen

Kalen has to be the most recent addition to the book boyfriends list! I absolutely loved his kind and his willingness to fight for equality in Sara Baysinger’s novel, The vanishing spark of dusk! I immediately fell for him (Might I say even earlier than the protagonist?) ever since I noticed the lengths he would go for her, just to keep her safe.


5.Kai (The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer)


Image credit: @lostie815 on deviantart

Okay, Kai probably was my first book boyfriend since Cinder was the first book that brought me back into reading. And I really liked that he and Cinder are so cute together!


Here are my top 5 book boyfriends, do we share any of them or do you have more? Let me know in the comments down below!


Top 5 reverse harem anime

Why have a real life boyfriend (#singlelife) when you can have fictional handsome guys instead?

Hello bookish friends! Today I have my top 5 reverse harem anime to share with you! If you do not know, reverse harem is a genre in anime that refers to a girl surrounded by a group of guys (at least 3 or more!).


1.Kamigami no asobi (I think it translates into ‘The Gods have come to play’ or something along those lines)


Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Reverse harem, Shoujo, Supernatural

Yui, our protagonist is instructed by Zeus, the headmaster of the school, to teach the young Gods about love to prevent the weakening of the bonds between the mortal and divine world.

This reverse harem anime has familiar Gods such as Loki, Apollon, Anubis and much more! A reverse harem and surrounded by mythology? Sign me up!


2.Kamisama hajimemashita (I became a God)


Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance, Shoujo

When Nanami is evicted out of her home due to her dad’s increasing debts, a kind man takes her in and she is forced to take over his duties as a Deity. With a ton of new responsibilities and a hot but annoying familiar, what’s a girl got to do?

This anime was really cute and if you see how the protagonists were related, it really warms the heart! With a swoon-worthy romance, Kamisama Hajimemashita will leave you wanting to to follow Nanami and Tomoe forever.


3.Akatsuki no yona (Yona: The girl standing in the blush of dawn)


Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

On Princess Yona’s sixteenth birthday, she intends to tell her father of her feels towards her childhood friend Soo-Woon, but everything changed when she witnessed Soo-Won killing her father. Due to this betrayal, Yona feels with her loyal servant Hak as they gather allies to stop the impending war.

This, hands down has to be one of my favourite anime of all time! We get to see Yona’s character arc as she grows from a weak princess into a kick-ass heroine! Also, all the characters are really lovely and this anime was really serious and yet very comedic!


4.Dance with devils

Genres: Supernatural, Romance, Shoujo

Ritsuka is a second year high schooler and one day the balance of the world is disrupted when she meets devils.

This anime was really cute and they also have a movie for it! The romance was pretty good in this one!


5.Arcana Famiglia


Genres: Action, reverse harem, romance, shoujo

On Regalo, a team of supernaturally powered mafia people take care of the people. They form contracts with tarot cards and each of them posses a different ability. Mondo, the leader announces his resignation and the team will fight to see who is worthy to take his place, but the winner will also win Felicità’s hand in marriage. Angered by her father’s words, Felicità decides to take part as well to battle for her freedom.

This anime combines tarot cards with a strong heroine, totally sign me up for it! I absolutely enjoyed this anime thoroughly but wished that there would be more romance.

Have you watched any of these anime? What are some of your favourite reverse harem anime or novels? Let me know in the comments below!

Top 3 anime that made me ugly cry

Hello bookish friends, today I will have to share with you the top 3 anime that made me ugly cry and bawl. So strap in, get comfy and grab a box of tissues, or maybe 3 boxes as you enjoy these anime!




Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, shoujo

When Naho receives a mysterious letter written by herself from 10 years in the future, she finds out that a new transfer student named Kakeru will join them. Naho from the future expresses her deepest regret through the letter and informs for Naho to watch out for Kakeru as in the future, Kakeru will no longer be with them.

This anime will tug at your heartstrings and also make you more aware to take care of the others around you. Inspiring and heartwarming, this anime will leave you hoping and searching for friends that would do the same for you.


2.Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso (Your lie in April)


Genres: Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen

Prodigy pianist Kousei undergoes a downward spiral after his mother’s death and avoids the piano. When suddenly he meets the beautiful violinist, Kaori, who inspires him to play music again. The anime follows Kousei’s journey of healing and self discovery to find his sound once more.

For fans of music and romances, this anime is definitely for you! This anime will inspire you to continue to chase your dreams but seriously, prepare tissues!


3.Tsuki ga kirei (The moon is beautiful)


Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo

Kotarou and Akane become seniors and are classmates for the first time, this anime talks about how them and their friends all mature and change as they move on with their lives.

This anime was really sweet and heartwarming and will surely tug at your heartstrings!


Have you watched any of these anime? Let me know in the comments below about any book/movie/TV show or anime that made you bawl!