Desaru (Malaysia) 2D1N trip

I just came back from Desaru in Malaysia yesterday! (My body is still aching and I’ll explain why later.) It was pretty fun but also tiring, I kinda documented the entire trip but didn’t have much photos as I was focused on living in the moment!

Day 1:

We woke up bright and early at 4:30am in the morning to prepare as the meeting time was 5:30am, but since I could barely sleep, I woke up at 4am and just paced a little while before washing up and taped active tape onto the back of my legs since they have been hurting for quite a while.

Once we reached the meeting point, we hopped onto the bus and settled in, making our way to the causeway before having breakfast at a local coffee shop there. We also cleared the customs quickly.


The ride from Singapore to the breakfast place took about 2 hours and I my goal was to plan out the chapter outline for my Camp NaNo story, I completed the planning within the bus ride! (YAY!)

Our first stop after breakfast was to visit an Ostrich farm! I wasn’t very excited since I wasn’t a big fan of ostriches, but it was pretty okay and fascinating to look at them.

We could also even stand on the ostrich eggs, but I didn’t since there were people hogging the area and they didn’t even let anyone else take photos as the 3 of them lingered there. The people who farmed the ostriches showed us the eggs and the calcium powder that could be consumed fresh after drilling the shell of the egg to break it open (I refused to taste it because it didn’t look hygienic😂). We were also shown the inside of the egg and the person mentioned that the ostrich egg contains 70% egg white and is the volume inside the egg is the equivalent of 40 chicken eggs.

After the demonstration was done, we could purchase and try Ostrich egg omelets, satay (meaning the ostrich meat that was barbecued) and even cakes that were baked with ostrich eggs. I didn’t try any of that because it sounded pretty disgusting and I rarely eat eggs nowadays too.

It wasn’t really fun and it was kinda sad to see all the ostriches in captivity.

The next stop was a seafood lunch that was nearby the sea at Jade Garden restaurant! The food was kind of salty, but I actually liked it since I prefer salty food! I was excited as well since I could eat every dish because I’m pescatarian. I try my best to be vegetarian, but it’s difficult to get food to eat especially on these types of large tour groups, so I still leave the option of seafood open.


After that, we visited the fruit farm (this I was excited for)! Although it was actually raining and most of the activities were outdoors, every time we pulled over, we were lucky that the rain actually stopped!



The growing vines at the top are actually passion fruits!

(From left) Mangosteen, Chiku, Bananas and Starfruit

We also got fresh fruit juice (red dragonfruit) and it was really refreshing and sour!

We walked on and there was a herb farm as well.


I kept laughing at this while sipping my drink, if you watch Miraculous Ladybug, I think you’ll understand why! The villain in the show is called Hawk Moth and also has butterflies/moth everywhere!

We were also given each a box of sample fruits to eat (There were a lot, like starfruit, passion fruit, watermelon, banana, honeydew and more), those fruits tasted divine and sour! The experience at the fruit farm was really fun although the weather was really hot!

Our next stop was the Crocodile farm (Insert jaws music).

We watched the keepers feed the crocodiles and walked around the farm before going to check into the hotel at around 4pm.

We stayed at the Sands and Sandals resort (I actually took a video of the entire room, but I can’t upload it here 😦 )

Since I was sharing the room with my siblings, we had 2 separate beds and one more bed that was brought in (this is the bed my brother usually takes, but it was extremely tiny, probably a kids bed, so I offered to sleep in it instead since my brother is like 175cm while I’m 156cm)

After we freshened up and settled in, we headed out as a tour group for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The foods they served were mainly meat, so I had to eat a ton of noodles to try to get full. Also, one of the ladies at my table (it’s a 10 seater table so we had to share with other families) kind of didn’t understand that I didn’t each meat (which was really annoying. I mean, if I don’t eat it, then there’s more for you, right? Then you can just eat more and stop judging others for their food choices lol.)

Another annoying thing that happened after dinner was that my elder sister accidentally got pee on her pants, and it actually wasn’t even obvious, but she kept making a big deal out of it to the point that it got VERY annoying.😒 I even nicely stood behind her to block the view but she’s really ungrateful (will mention more later on).

After that, we headed to see the fireflies! I didn’t take any photos since the fireflies are sensitive to the light, and just admired them there. They were really pretty and twinkled like Christmas light on a tree. They were slightly difficult to see because the moon was actually 3/4 full, which meant that there was a lot of moonlight illuminating the dark river. I didn’t know why, but the song Fireflies by owl city and Never enough from the Greatest showman were running through my mind then.

I was trying to die from anxiety since two things I were really afraid of where in the situation, darkness and the fear of falling into the water. I was gripping the life jacket’s whistle as though it was the only thing that could save me.

After that, we went to a grass patch where we released lanterns into the sky! I was imagining the scene from Tangled, you know, the one where Eugene and Rapunzel are in the boat?


But of course, it wasn’t so magical since there weren’t that many people doing it all at once.

The first lantern we released was as a family (white) and the 2nd one (Red) was my individual one which I wrote a wish on!

I wrote my wish of wanting to become a published author!

I was definitely kind of annoyed when my sister looked at my wish and said “Really?” In a kind of condescending tone. Hey, at least I had a dream and am working towards it.

After releasing the lanterns, we returned to the hotel where we retired for the night.

My room had an connecting door to my parents room, which easily linked our two rooms by a small doorway and two doors, but my mum told us not to use it and that she wouldn’t knock on it and explained to me about a ghost story.

I’m terrified of ghost stories and the idea of a knock coming from that door kept me awake, combined with my anxiety. I barely got any sleep and woke up 3 times. I woke up once, wanting to go to the toilet and I woke my sister to ask her to accompany me to the toilet, but she kinda scolded me.

She’s a bigger scaredy cat then I am, but we didn’t tell her about the ghost story. What pissed me off more was that, as a middle child, I had to take on the responsibility of the elder child (which is her), my mum passed a lot of responsibility to me instead of her, for example, I was the one who kept the luggage key and carried the spare money. I also had to nag at them to fold their clothes, so technically I was also taking care of them a lot throughout the entire trip. But my sister got angry at me just because I woke up her up ONCE to get her to accompany me, I did so many things for her and yet when I asked for her help ONCE she got angry. Urgh, she’s so ungrateful and such a brat.

Since I took the tiny bed, it was still really small and I ended up sleeping in a fetal position and my entire body hurt the next day when I woke up.

Day 2:

We woke up pretty early for breakfast, but the spread wasn’t much. I settled for a plate of salad, cereal and some fruits.

Then my sister was complaining that her pants were too tight (but the previous peed on pants were the same size), but it was obvious she definitely gained a lot of weight, it only seemed as though she was the one who didn’t notice. And when my parents were trying to find out what was wrong, she would get angry and not explain things and doesn’t try to solve the problem, but keep grumbling about how bad it is, which REALLY is annoying.

After breakfast, we walked around the resort before checking out and heading out for lunch where they served a lot of vegetable dishes! (I was so happy).

After that we headed to Paradigm mall to do some shopping, where we bought a few takeaway foods since we were scared that we were going to be trapped in the jam like last year (starving).

But lucky for us, there wasn’t any jams and it was a smooth ride all the way back home.

Overall, it was pretty enjoyable (aside from my annoying elder sister) and I was glad to have managed to complete my goal!

The tour guide was really friendly, experience and organised as well, which definitely made the trip more fun!


Geylang Bazzar 2018 & Cat Cafe experience

Hello guys! Recently, I ran a poll on my twitter about whether I should blog about my experience at the Geylang Bazzar and going to a Cat Cafe for the first time and the votes came back positively, so I’m just going to jump right into it.


24 may (Thursday) – Geylang Serai Bazzar

Me and my mum went to the famous Geylang Serai Bazzar that everyone has been raving about at around 3pm and unfortunately, it was EXTREMELY hot and most of the stall weren’t open since it was a ‘night market’. At least due to the heat, there weren’t many people there and we could walk around more freely.

The bazzar has been raved upon for a few years now and it’s in preparation for the Muslim festival, Hari Raya, their version of celebrating the new year! They will fast from dawn till dusk for a month and will celebrate it at the end of the month, similar to the Chinese New Year.

Unfortunately, we only bought a drink since the foods were REALLY expensive.


(I apologize if the photos are really dark, I was lugging around a trolley filled with books so I couldn’t take many photos)

We bough an Anchan Strawberry (A4) from Yummers



Unfortunately, we both weren’t a big fan as the taste of the strawberry was pretty artificial and they added a ton of ice to a $4 drink.

There were a ton of shops in long stretches and sold tons of food, snacks, rugs, curtains and clothes for the muslim Hari Raya festival. I even spotted green packets that were creatively designed, unlike Chinese New Year. (They had Anna and Elsa from Frozen in Hijabs! That was creative and cute!)

We didn’t get to try any of the foods since the stalls were really expensive but we did get to watch some of them. We spotted the raclette cheese at work as well!



25 may (Friday)

Me and my best friend went to the cat cafe and stopped for lunch at a nearby Korean restaurant named Jinjja Chicken (I think it translates to: real chicken).


My friend grabbed a Chicken Bibimbap while I got a Tofu bibimsalad (Yay for vegetarian options!) and it tasted pretty good! There was a little too much sauce for my taste, but it was tangy, refreshing and made me feel really clean! My friend got the seaweed fries while I took the seasalt fries and both of them were just ok.


After that, we headed to the cat cafe and I think it was both our first times at a cat cafe.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of cats ever since I got scared by one when I was schooling, I was so scared that I had tears in my eyes and after that I never really seemed to like them at all. So going to the cat cafe was kind of a big deal since I wasn’t a big fan of cats and I hoped that the cafe would change my mind.


There were quite a lot of people since it’s the school holidays and there were about 10-14 cats loitering around the area. Both me and my best friend paid $15 for entry (that included a free drink and there is no time limit as to how long you can stay there!)

This black and white cat, named Oreo (if I’m not wrong), was really nice and stoic. It let us pat him as it slowly fell asleep.


All was well until we petted another cat that was pretty shy, but she let us pet her for a good 10-20 minutes until she bit me 😭. I’ve googled online and they say that it could be out of love or affection, but the bite didn’t feel playful at all. Luckily, once I felt the teeth scrape against my hand I immediately pulled back and escaped with two tiny puncture wounds.

Unfortunately for me, I definitely dislike cats even more now. (Sorry, cat lovers).

My friend and I went to the national library after that and I brought home 5 books. Going to the library was something I desperately needed after that bite and I found Renegades by Marissa Meyer! She’s my favourite author and I was sure that my local library was refusing to bring it in since I never saw it anywhere on their system that they would, so I was elated! Managing to find Renegades really brightened my day.

Well, so here is the end of the post! In a nutshell, I do feel that the bazzar is kinda over-hyped, if the foods were slightly cheaper ($4-5) I would have tried a few of the good ones. The cat cafe is actually a great idea if you love cats or love interacting with them or even as a date place! It had a nice atmosphere and I guess I was just unlucky with cats.

Thanks for staying till the end of the post!


Malaysia 2D1N trip experience

Hey guys, as I’ve mentioned, I would document the trip (I don’t have many photos) but will still love to tell you about my experience for this trip since I actually don’t get to travel too much. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this post! (BTW, I managed to re-organise and my will be able to finish my NaNoWriMo story before November ends! Yay!)

So my family went along with our local RC centre for a 2 day 1 night trip to Malaysia (Bekok, Yong Peng, Malacca)


Day 1

– This photo was taken when we were on the way, from Singapore to Malaysia

Our first stop was the breakfast area where we grabbed a quick bite before continuing the journey into Malaysia


– Photo of Gelang Patah

  • Photo of a nearby alleyway that looked really pretty


  • Photos of when we were travelling along toward Bekok (So dystopian looking right?!)


We arrived at our next destination, Bekok. We were given a small tour of Bekok, visiting the old street, Homemade kuih and Mini Hakak Cultural Museum. (We were also supposed to visit a small farm, but because of the delay, we had to give it a miss)

  • Photos of artwork along the Old street of Bekok

After that, we did more travelling as we headed down to Malacca and we checked into our hotel in the evening.


  • View of Malacca from our hotel

We wanted to head down to Jonker street, but heard that it would be packed at night and my family and I were extremely tired, so we decided to give it a miss.


Day 2

The next day, we headed for the Malacca historical tour (This was why I brought a book to Malaysia, yes, bubble wrapped and all! Because I wanted to get a good shot for my bookstagram! And the shot actually turned out really really nicely!)


– Photo of Christ Church Melaka (I used this beautiful church as a background for my bookstagram)

  • Some photos while we were hiking up St. Paul’s hill

When we finally reached the top, the place was absolutely worth the climb!

  • Photos of the ruins of St. Paul’s hill

The slabs are like the ‘guardians’ of the fort since they were actually at the back of the fort before they were moved in front while it was renovating. The ruins used to be a fort for them to keep an eye on people or enemies, but also became a church. But many of the worshipers complained that it was too difficult to climb the hill all the way, thus they built the Christ Church nearer at the bottom which is now known as Dutch Square.

There was also a wishing well (The first picture with the metal cage) and the other photos are the interior of St. Paul hill’s ruins.

After that, we mainly stopped for lunch at a Nyonya restaurant and headed back to Singapore.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do much sight-seeing as we were travelling a lot instead. But this was one of the best Malaysia trips I’ve had since the tour guide; JJ was so awesome and the table-mates we had this time round were really nice too.

Our tour guide;JJ, was so informative (although he was speaking in Chinese, and I had to translate a lot of stuff), he was really captivating and he always kept eye contact while talking to us. He also kept us entertained during long bus rides with stories and even fables and myths surrounding the places we passed and the places we visited. He even treated us to Putu Piring and it was delicious! He was definitely the MVP throughout the trip!

Also, our table mates and this nice couple in front of us were really nice. During our hotel stay, they stayed opposite us and they even greeted me when they were leaving. On the bus ride home, we were the only ones who didn’t get to buy food since we all went to the toilet, and they had a lot of food and they shared with us so that we could help them finish their granola bar, pizza bread and Otah. And me and my brother were starving, so we were extremely thankful for the food.

Overall, the experience was pretty great, but I did wish that we had more time to sight-see!

I hope you enjoy my post!

5 tips for tourists visiting Singapore 

Singapore is a South East Asian country located near Malaysia. We use Singapore Dollars (SGD) as our currency and have been independent for 52 years.

I decided to write this post as I’ve been asked by many foreign tourists for directions (My sense of directions sucks by the way, but I do try my best to help out) and then I figured that maybe now that I have a blog, I should actually write a post like this so that people will be more aware of how things go in Singapore!


Everyone speaks English although we have a vast community of different races. So feel free to ask us anything and order in English as well!


2.Plan out where you want to go beforehand 

The MRT system is interlinked and all the tourist attractions are really nearby each other in the central of Singapore. Plan out your daily activities and route staring from your hotel, or feel free to enquire with the hotel counter as to where the most interesting things are in Singapore!


3.When in doubt, question

Personally, many tourists have asked me where a particular building is, and I, as a Singapore don’t know. But I don’t travel around much and not every Singaporeans know where the tourists need to go.

Instead, ask people working around the area. For example, the people working in the stores at the mall or at the MRT, ask the staff around the area for directions.

Random strangers might only be commuting to the place and may not know where the location of the building you are looking for might be.

I’ve personally had a lot of bad experience while trying to help with directions. Since I didn’t know the location, I tried to use my phone to google the location for them, and they would get impatient and give me the stink eye even though I was only trying to help. Please don’t get angry when someone doesn’t know the directions to the location, just ask the nearby stores instead. 

(Please understand that I’m not trying to diss anyone here, but rather, trying to help anyone else who will ever have to face these problems since I’ve firsthand been through it.)


4. Escalator

Always keep to the left side of the escalator if you intend to stand still! The right side is for those who want to climb the steps of the escalator


5. Don’t be inclined to dine at top restaurants

Local coffee shops are pretty good as well. Especially if you see a LONG queue at a coffee stall, it’s definitely delicious (This is how Singaporeans tell whether a stall’s food is good, by the queue.)

Also, if you’re feeling homesick and want your native food, don’t worry! Singapore is known as a food hub and any country’s food, we have it!


Lastly, I hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore and have a good time. I hope that these tips help you in some way or another! May you have safe travels and good luck!