NaNoWriMo 2018 – Part 4 (Finale)

Guys, I hit 75k words! I know I should be ecstatic and partying like crazy, but I’m so sick I don’t even have the energy for this T.T

Week 4
(19/11) -chap 22 -55,829 (+2,556) Got a little stuck, but thought of the worst thing that could happen now and added that in!

(20/11) chap 23 -58,424 (+2,592) First a little stuck, but the scene became really fun to write because we’re at the climax of the story 

(21/11) – chap 24- 61,121 (+2,700) AHHH they have met, I repeat, they have met! (I waited 2 months for this to happen and was so excited that it did!)

(22/11) – chap 25 – 63,643 (+2,521) They work together pretty interestingly and I wanted them to meet earlier AHHH, but I was surprised at their hostile chemistry and how they both found each other fascinating.

(23/11) -chap 26 ,27-66,181 (+2,540 +2,533) Took a little while to get this chapter down *SICKKKK

(24/11) -chap 28  -70,780 (+2,065) Fever since the night before but by afternoon was okay to write.

(25/11)- chap 29 – 72, 848 (+2,068) Throat was horrible so I barely wrote.

Week 5

(26/11) – chap 30 -74, 156 (+1,308) Sick AF, barely wrote *Supposed to finish on this day, but the sickness is killing me

(27/11) -chap 30 -75,104 (+990) Literally teared up that I finished! Although I wasn’t a fan of how the ending turned out, at least the first draft is finished and I’m done! It’s been extremely though the past 3 days and honestly I’m glad it’s over and now I can focus on recuperating because I feel horrible AF

Honestly, I feel horrible, I’ve been living off half portions of food and barely have any appetite T.T I’ve been eating porridge, bananas and soup and tons of water, but my throat still hurts every time I swallow so it really sucks 😦 I was definitely supposed to write more for this update but this sickness has me feeling really bad! 

Don’t forget to join my giveaway and once I’m fully recovered, I promise I will do some blog hopping to spread some more love!

Are you done with NaNoWriMo? How did you do? Let me know in the comments down below!

NaNoWriMo 2018 – November (Part 3)

Hey guys, it’s the end of week 3 of NaNoWriMo, how are you doing so far? We’re so close to the end so keep up the awesome work and don’t give up!

I just finished hitting my daily goal since I’ve adjusted my usual writing schedule since I realised I actually write better at night! (I start at like 10pm on the previous day and write until 1-2am for the actual day’s count!)

Here are my stats for this week!

Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 1.16.37 AM.png

(12/11) – chap 14 – 35,794 (+2,526) I literally wrote a scene where Kyllan (my deuteragonist) was scolding a cadet that was giving attitude while shadowing him and was having so much fun being sassy and scolding his ass off.

(13/11) -chap 15 – 38,300 (+2,506) Officially halfway through the book! Eek! Heading to a book sale tomorrow! (I ended up with only one book and a colouring book!)

(14/11) -chap 16 – 40,951 (+2,651) Writer’s block, but I looked through things that could be elaborated on and managed to get this chapter done!

(15/11) – chap 17 – 43,172 (+2,221)

(16/11) – chap 18 – 45,710 (+2,538)

(17/11) – chap 19, 20 – 50,738 (+2,729 + 2,299) *A personal double up day and  finished in one shot! Usually one at previous day night and other follow day after sleep, but my brother hadn’t slept yet so I accompanied him and just got writing done!

(18/11) – chap 21 – 53,373 (+2,535) Teared up & felt so angry for Mei! (Today’s scene) Wrote pretty fast since I managed to get into the mood for the scene, the anger and things slowly hitting the climax!

I can’t wait to hit the climax but I’m also sad that I’m 9 chapters away from the end of this book! I also noticed some errors that I have taken note for future drafts (If I ever return to edit them lol)

Hmm, I don’t have anything nice this week, so I’ll share a quote from the chapter I just wrote:

On most days, my demons and monsters raged the war within me. But today, it was him.

And I’ll drop a pronunciation guide that I developed along the way while writing the story ever since I questioned my brother on how to pronounce Xiel (Kyllan’s best friend)’s name and I was the author and I didn’t know how to pronounce the name XD

Mei = Meh-e (pronounce quickly)

Kyllan = Ki-llan

Sylla = Si-lah

Xiel = C-elle

Okay, so here’s me signing off! Good luck for all you taking part! Don’t forget to check out my giveaway over at, it’s international and ends on 30th november! It’s the last lap before NaNoWriMo is over, so keep pushing on even if you spot any mistakes or logic flaws! Get the first draft done and worry about everything else later!

NaNoWriMo 2018 – November (Part 2)

Part 1

Hello bookish friends, how are your NaNoWriMos going? Mine is actually great, but I’m starting to see problems with the story that I will fix in future drafts!

Here is the word bar graph (That I forgot to include last week’s one too, so it’s here!):

Screenshot 2018-11-11 at 2.18.26 PM.png

And here is the detailed word counts!

Week 2

(5/11) – chap 6 – 15,268 (+2,565)

(6/11) – chap 7,8 -20,301 (+2,503 +2,530 )

Public holiday (In my home country, so I decided to double up!) Writing in double POV is difficult because you need to be able to switch characters and mindsets while writing different chapters. And I found myself loving writing Mei’s POV, but also wanting to switch to write Kyllan’s as well!

(7/11) -chap 9- 23,046 (+2,745)

(8/11) – chap 10 -25,549 (+2503)

(9/11) -chap 11- 28,094 (+2,545)

I sped through this day since the scene was so fun to write and I was blazing through their emotional/busted scene where Mei and her friend try to get off the ship, but get caught and discover some surprising news!

(10/11) – chap 12 – 30,610 (+2,516)

(11/11) -chap 13 -33, 268 (+2,658)


So as you can see I’m at 33k words! But I’m not aiming for 50k, I’m aiming for 75k so I’m almost halfway!

It’s definitely been tough since sometimes I get lost on what to write, but as I let my characters take the rein, they surprise me at many times as well and when I get stuck, I go “What could be worse?” and end up with something even worse than before!

Since I showcased all my aesthetics last week, I’m going to share a snippet of one my favourite scenes that I wrote this week! (It’s in chapter 9 of the book)

Deciding that a change of topic would be better, I looked to the stars, “Did you know, we’re all made from the dust of stars?”


Yes, really! We all have parts of a star in and on us. When stars explode, their elements are dispersed throughout the galaxy and fall everywhere, but it’s too small for us to see.”

So…Like hope?”

Exactly. Hope is in all of us, you just need to know where to look.”

Yup, haha I know it’s really unpolished, but this was really fun for me to incorporate in since I have a list of quotes I wanted to add in the book!

Honestly, I really like this story, and Beneath the mask and my other one, Siren Song! But I never really go back to edit them because I know I would beat myself up so much that I would end up giving up those stories.

For authors and writers out there, are there any tips on how to get back into a first draft and not be too negative or beat yourself up to the point that you want to give up the story?

For all of you guys attempting NaNoWriMo, don’t give up! You’re halfway there! Keep fighting and let’s all be winners!

NaNoWriMo 2018 – November (Part 1)

Hello bookish friends!

I actually almost didn’t take part in NaNoWriMo for this November since I was definitely lazy and didn’t have any ideas. But ideas always come to me in dreams and when it struck, I decided to sign up.

So it’s the first week of NaNo and how is everyone doing? Are you guys surviving? Let me know in the comments down below!

For me, I actually started prepping pretty early (Although I always prep earlier, like a good half month before), this time round, the story was different.

Most of my other first drafts were usually fantasy, paranormal, romance which wasn’t that difficult since I modelled most of the characters after myself (I still did with this story).

But this story was definitely different. This one was going to be my first ever attempt at sci-fi. And not only that, for the first time, I was also going to be writing from dual POVs.

I aimed even more than what I did last time for Camp NaNo (70k words), this time it was 75k words.

Here are the stats for week 1 before I start to talk more about the story!

Week 1

1 (1/11) –  chap 1 -2,568 (+2,568)

It started off a little difficult because I had characters in my head, but I didn’t have a soul to bring them to life. Like I knew one of my protagonists is Mei, an amateur astronomer and has anxiety. But as I wrote more of the first chapter, Mei started to come to life.

2 (2/11) – chap 2 – 5,072 (+2,504)
I was definitely afraid to write the 2nd character’s POV (His name is Kyllan) because I have NEVER written a dual POV before. And not only that, I’ve never written in the POV of a male character before and even don’t usually read about POVs like that (I guess this really needs to change). But as I wrote more about him, I ended loving to write his chapters and even look forward to writing them because I found a ton of similarities between him and myself.

3 (3/11) – chap 3,4 -10,193 (+2,531 + 2,590) Double up day*
Honestly, I swear I thought I was insane when I saw the banner and decided to do this! Because I usually took a long time to write 2,5000 words and doubling it sounded even more insane. But I also knew that if I only wrote 2,500 a day, I would be writing EVERY SINGLE DAY throughout November without rest.
It ended up better than I expected  and I discovered I actually write faster at nighttime.

4 (4/11) – chapter 5 -12,703 (+2,510)
This was the most recent that I wrote (Today) and honestly, I actually teared up while writing the part where Mei and her mother are separated. I was surprised that I was actually tearing up, but I’m also a big crybaby, so….

Yup, so that was my word counts and experience over the past 4 days and first week of NaNoWriMo!

Also, since I realised that the double up day was pretty fun, I decided to add more! Other double up days include 6th Nov (In my country it’s a pubic holiday)  and the two saturdays after that (17 and 24 Nov)!

Now to talk about the story!

Here’s a fun fact! I honestly almost started NaNo with the story name as Between our stars, but changed it at the last minute because I never really seemed to connect with this name. So like the night JUST BEFORE NaNo started, I changed the story title to Prominence and I’ll explain why after I drop the synopsis!

Tagline: They’ve already taken Earth, nobody believed another would come.


Aliens have already invaded Earth in hopes of consuming the planet for their own’s fuel, and with them comes a deadly virus, the Black Lava. Mei’s mother decides to surrender, but what Mei didn’t expect was to be separated. When Mei suddenly sees dreams of Kyllan, she is convinced that there is hope for the survival of the human race. Will Mei reunite with her mother and save the human race?

Kyllan is a General of the Sirrah army from Andromeda, when he hears that his star is going to be destroyed by Earth when the Milky way and Andromeda Galaxy collide, he has to make a difficult choice  to decide whether he will support his empire which has been loyal to him all his life, or choose to save the planet which his father loved and brought him up with tales from.
Okay, here comes the fun part!
So I did a TON of research, much more than I did for my other books! I researched various dummies guides for stargazing, astronomy and even space exploration! (If you saw my previous Instastories you might have seen me ‘studying’!)

And honestly it was insane, but so much fun! I think if I didn’t take a diploma in art or didn’t end up liking writing as much as I did, I would have actually tried to study physics or even better, astronomy!

So thanks to the research, I managed to impart that love of astronomy to Mei and she always talks about it when she gets the chance! For Kyllan, I put the whole research thing behind him and impromptu created a backstory for him where his father was a commander who loved Earth and always spoke good things about it (and he idealises his father) and it gave even better conflict to the character which I was really impressed by!

I researched so much about Astronomy that I gazed frequently at the night sky while learning (but it sucks that there’s too much light pollution in my country and you can barely see anything, so if you have beautiful skies in yours, drop me photos and tag me on any social media, I would love to see the skies from your part of the world!) and even downloaded an app that has AR and when you point to the sky, it tells you what constellations there are up there. (And I secretly gaze longly at the Andromeda Galaxy, wondering if Kyllan is real, lol)

Okay, back to the whole title reference, while studying about Astronomy, I also learnt about the sun (Yes, our sun in our solar system) and found a term that really spoke to me, so much that I couldn’t get it out of my head. (Yes, when I mean study, I literally took notes and spent 5 hours going through the entire book in detail.) And the word was Prominence.

Prominence is an occurrence when the coronal gas (The white part of the sun you see during a total eclipse) is confined by a magnetic force that causes it to be thicker and burn brighter, forming what we call ‘loops’. That is called Prominence. Maybe an image would be easier.


Prominence and flares are different because Flares get OUT of the sun while Prominence is more like a rebel wave.

And I knew that I wanted this title. It really displayed the story of Mei a lot. Aliens invaded Earth (confined by magnetic force), anger and hatred rise (which makes it burn brighter) and it feels like it wants to break out, but can’t.

Haha, I’m starting to sound like a science nerd now (hey, I love science nerds, okay). And other than the spacey stuff I researched about, I also researched about dreams and oneirology (scientific study of dreams) very briefly to plan out the dream sequences for each of them and each of the dreams are extremely symbolic to the story with tons of foreshadowing!

So well, that’s how my first week plus the prep went! I’ll drop some aesthetics down here for you to look!

Prominence - Mei.jpg
– Mei (Yes, she is Korean, there is even attempts for me to introduce Korean food and language! I’m not Korean though, but it seemed fun to try out!)

Prominence - Kyllan.jpg

  • Kyllan

Prominence - Kronians.jpg

  • Aliens who invade Earth (Kronians)

Prominence Overall.jpg

  • Overall aesthetic for the story (I personally REALLY like this one!)

How are you doing on your NaNo WIP? What’s it about? I would love to hear it! Good luck writers!


Camp NaNo 2018 – July Part 4 (Finale)

Hello guys, I’ve just finished writing my WIP and the first draft is finally done! (This is the third time that I’ve actually completed my first draft) but nonetheless, the excitement has kept me smiling the entire day!

Of course I’ve noticed a ton of things that I could have written better and find out more about my characters throughout the entire month, but I’m excited yet sad that it’s over.

Here is the final week’s tally of my word counts!

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 9.02.58 PM.png

(Week 4)

Day 23 (23/7) -55,628 (+2,030)

Day 24 (24/7) – 59,633 (+4,005)

Day 25 (25/7) -60,352 (+719)

Day 26 (26/7) -62,772 (+2,420)

Day 27 (27/7) – 65,240 (+2,468)

Day 28 (28/7) -67,914 (+2,674)

Day 29 (29/7) -70, 081 (+2,167)


Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to take part in July’s Camp NaNo since I didn’t have a solid idea (and was juggling between two ideas) but I was like 50% keen on wanting to do it. When I saw that Fanna  was going to do it and was finding cabin mates, I decided to take the plunge!

To decide on which idea I wanted to go with, I started planning them out, but once I had finished planning out the first idea, I knew I wanted to go with it and did even more planning about it while on my trip to Malaysia!

The writing process never gets easier despite what people say. I definitely had a tough time trying to wake up earlier and last time I attempted Camp NaNo, I could wake up at around 9, but this time it was difficult so I ended up waking up around 1pm or the earliest would be 10am.

While I was writing, I definitely discovered new things that could help enhance the story and a ton of things that I didn’t like. But that’s what the first draft is for, for you to have something solid there so that you can work on it to make it better. It’s like drawing on a canvas with a pencil to plan how you want your drawing to look like! So that later you can plan the colours and the their complementary counterparts to make the piece the best that it can be.

It’s tough writing, because most of the time you have to cheer yourself up and motivate yourself to continue writing. Like sometimes, you feel like this part isn’t working and some days you don’t feel like writing at all, but I’m so grateful to the Camp NaNo care packages to motivate me to move on and just write.

The first draft is the first step for you to cross the gigantic lake. It’s scary, definitely, but slowly and surely you’re crossing the lake and once you get to the other side, you can turn back to see how far you’ve come.

(Look at me, babbling on about writing advice as though I have a published book, ANYWAY)

So the first draft of Beneath the mask is complete and while writing I’ve decided that this is probably the story I want to focus on since it means a lot to me now that I’ve written it! Authors always tell you that the scariest story to write is the one you should write!

Anyway, so what I’ve been up to this week, is well, of course reading! I’m currently reading Lola and the boy next door after loving Anna and the french kiss by Stephanie Perkins! (Everyone should check this series out, I really like it so far!)

And this week, Maplestory M had their global release! I GREW up with Maplestory and it has been a big part of my life, so I was extremely excited when I heard about this mobile version and have been playing it ever since! My character is in the Asia 2 sever and I’m SnowRaven in Zenith world! (Come find me and let’s play together!)

Yup, so this is my current update for now and I shall go and relax and watch a movie and celebrate (by watching a movie and reading!)